Tree Care Experts in York & Windsor, PA

Yorktowne Lawns tree & shrub care is designed to protect and feed all of your ornamental trees & shrubs 30 feet and below. Yorktowne Lawns follows Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies to help reduce the use of chemicals used in your home environment. By properly timed monitoring, and feeding we can reduce the amount of chemicals needed to protect the investment you have in your landscape.
Beginning in early Spring and ending in late Fall, our state certified technicians inspect your trees and shrubs, applying treatments based on the conditions he finds and preforming preventative treatments when needed. Insects, mites, and diseases are targeted for control depending on current and expected activity, as well as fertilization utilizing a soil-injected liquid for larger trees and shrubs and granular material for shallow rooted shrubs and ground covers. Our season long service program consists of the following 4 services:
Man Trimming the Hegde — Landscape taken care of by our tree care experts in Windsor, PA
Services 1, 2, & 3- These applications will help protect your landscape from an assortment of damaging insects, mites, and diseases all season long.
Service 4 - The last service of the year, takes place in the fall, it is a deep root feeding of a premium slow release fertilizer which contains both macro and micro nutrients essential to maintain good plant health and vigor. A good fertility program like this will help trees and shrubs recover from weather stresses as well as fight off insects and diseases.
We also offer single service treatments and service calls for customers who are not on our normal program.
Protect your investment and reduce the risk of pests damaging your hard work, and invading your wallet, Call Yorktowne Lawns at (717) 246-2667 or click on the link below for a free estimate !